FENIX - integral information system of a municipality

FENIX is a integral information system of a municipality. The introduction of the information system FENIX, increases the quality of information exchange between municipal administrations and citizens. FENIX will allow to your customers – citizens, fast and efficient service and therefore, the municipal administration without long waiting lines. Using the information system FENIX enables you to monitor administration itself much better, it gives an insight into current cases and for example, minimizes the situation when cases are misplaced in “different drawers”.

The software package covers all business processes of the municipal departments and has the following modules:

  • Business administrative office fully in accordance with the law regarding office operations
  • Scanning and archiving of documents
  • Designation and monitoring by the Mayor and heads of municipalities
  • Processing of cases by clerks and performance measurement
  • Monitoring the task performance (taskmanager)
  • Document management - QMS
  • Statistics and reporting
  • Internet & SMS - informing citizens about the status of the case

By introducing the Fenix, municipalities achieved the following:

  • Faster response to citizens’ request
  • A complete involvement of all relevant participants in a particular case
  • Saving time for your users (citizens)
  • Control of the efficiency of the services and departments
  • Minimum number of errors in the daily work
  • Reduction of the cost of municipal government, therefore budget savings